Every business—from the smallest start-up to a multi-national corporation—should consider insurance to mitigate the risk of financial loss. Some types of insurance are required by law, other types are required by contract, and some types simply make good business sense. We will help you evaluate the risks that you and your business face, and craft a customized insurance program that will grow and evolve as you do.


I hear a lot about cyber liability insurance. Do I need it? What does it cover? What are my risks?

My employees use their own vehicles while on company business.  Sometimes they rent vehicles while travelling for work. How would my business insurance respond? Would it even respond?  Are my employees unknowingly putting themselves and their families at risk?  Am I unknowingly putting the business at risk?

If my business is shut down following a serious fire, will we be able to recover? What will happen to our income? Can we afford to relocate in the short-to-long term? 

What if an employee sues us for discrimination or wrongful termination? How much would that cost to defend?  Will a lawsuit be covered by our insurance?

We have a board of directors. What should I be thinking about in terms of protecting the company and the board members?

I provide advice to my clients. What if my advice leads to a financial loss?  Should I consider professional liability—or errors & omissions—coverage? 



The process is actually very simple, and for some it’s even fun.

Although not an exhaustive list, asking yourself these questions may be the start to having an intelligent conversation about the risks that your business faces and how insurance can help. 

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