Our clients often find us through another trusted advisor. We work in a team environment, but our clients' primary point of contact is always with the principal who provided the initial consult. This approach is not only in concert with our clients’ other advisory relationships, but is also a welcome break from most insurance brokers who tend to favor a call center approach, or delegation, after the initial engagement. 


Steps of our process

1. Research

In conjunction with our client’s advisory team, we ask questions to analyze risk tolerance and susceptibly to loss.

New Client Questionnaire 
New Client Questionnaire (California) 
Download the appropriate form and fill out in Adobe Reader

2. Evaluation

We evaluate whether or not the present insurance program adequately protects against the risk of financial loss. When we start to work with new clients, we often find serious coverage gaps and an insurance program that does not reflect the client’s circumstances. 

3. recommendations

We make recommendations to both improve coverage and, in many cases, reduce the overall cost of insurance. The end result is a well thought out insurance program designed to preserve the value of our client’s assets in the event of a loss.

4. periodic updates

Over time, we revisit the insurance program to ensure that it is keeping pace with past or planned lifestyle changes (new purchases, home remodels, children, liquidity events, etc.) and make course adjustments if necessary.

5. communication

An open dialogue throughout the year is the best way to avoid surprises down the road.